The Doctoral Dwelling

The ability to write is a craft that has taken me many years to master. With this mastery I have developed a profound appreciation for acclaimed authors, academic researchers, and others whose occupation is hinged on their ability to write well. Thus, it is perhaps a partial reason why my attempt at online blogging has become an interest I am pursuing. Therefore, with this said, the final hours of preparation are upon two people because at the end of this week, my brother and his fiancé will become husband and wife. While some feel indifferent towards the pending nuptials, the majority of all family members are celebratory.


With this wedding many questions arise that are centered around Living arrangements. This is due in large part to the need to be accommodating because while the gesture of rent-free housing is greatly appreciated, it does not negate the feeling of needing to find a new dwelling. Moreover, the unspoken tension that is an undertone of the daily family dynamic fuels the need to potentially search for a new play to live because while nothing has been implicitly said, the feeling of inconvenience based off actions of family members does cause one to consider the alternative. Therefore, with no increase in income, and with minimal job prospects, the likelihood of low in-come housing may be a reality in the near future. However, complicating this scenario is the possibility of returning to graduate school.


My life has presented me with unprecedented experiences that will forever be etched in my mind as moments of triumph. For instance, performing with a notably known latino group in the state of Texas and keeping the channels of communication open for over a decade is a highlight I enjoy. Additionally, being a first-generation college student who has successfully met the demands and requirements of a bachelor’s and master’s degree respectively has energized my desire to pursue a life as an educator. Therefore, another dream I want to fulfill is obtaining a doctorate.


Working both as a graduate student and graduate assistant has given me a profound insight into the desire of wanting to become an educator and researcher. Having had the chance to co-author published work with a professor was the spark that caused an explosive passion to erupt within me that has honed my intent on wanting to become a great professor and ground-breaking researcher. However, a volatile romantic relationship was an event in my life that almost ruined this dream, but at the persistence of a colleague, who has continually encouraged my passion and provided encouragement despite unforeseen circumstances, continues to serve as the driving force behind my desire of wanting to return and work towards receiving my doctorate in either communication, education, or journalism. Finally, for those who read this Message I encourage all readers to pray so that God may guide my footsteps towards the path he has prepared for me because I am exhausted for making mistakes that are unnecessary.


The Bug Zapper

Unsure of how to actually begin my first blog, I will simply start by letting readers know that at this moment it is raining outside. The streaming water that is falling off the rooftops, as it hits the ground is a pleasant sound to hear because it invokes within me feelings of nostalgia and serenity. By listening to this sound, I am taken by my thoughts to a place that is calm, cool, and safe. This destination is the living room of my grandmother\’92s house, which is where I first became aware of this melodious tone. It is at this moment during my adolescents where I started developing my identity and solidifying my values. However, I was not prepared for life\’92s challenges, which would test my endurance and resolve, as well as My self-control. Situations in my life have become opportunities for learning that are invaluable to me. For instance, my romance record is sadly dismal when Reviewing the quality of some women I have given attention to, whereas with others, their impact on me as A person will be forever etched in my memory. These women are few, but their value as women is priceless. The men who will be fortunate to marry these women will have already observed what I failed to see during my time with them. The men who will be fortunate to marry these women will already have a solid understanding of the value these women have as daughters, females, mothers, and wives. Therefore, to the men in particular, who read this post, understand the significance of a woman does not lie within her thighs, nor does it exist in what she can do for you. Instead, the value of a woman is found within her self-worth and the experiences in her life that have shaped her into the woman that she is. Furthermore, the value of a woman is grounded in her ability to be gentle and soft-spoken. This is something that is important because I have learned that women who speak loudly with no regard to circumstance, are likely women who have something to prove, or are women who have not resolved past issues, or are women who just are angry people. Therefore, while these women may look appealing and are centers of social gatherings, do not be the foolish moth drawn to the sparkling warmth of the electric bug zapper because in the end, the light will continue to shine brightly, but the moth will die.