Devil’s Punchbowl Review

The Devil’s Punchbowl Review

In a city working to thrive against the decline of a poor economy, Natchez, Mississippi, manages to “stay-a-float,” despite the undercurrent of illegal activities that are known to few people. Since the resignation of former Mayor, Doug Jones, Natchez, has started experiencing economic growth. Penn Cage, former Assistant prosecutor of Houston, has returned to his hometown, and has recently been elected mayor. Cage’s efforts so far have given way to the possibility of a recycling plant coming to Natchez, as well as welcoming several casino boats. Nestled against the bank of the Mississippi, The Magnolia Queen, has Quickly become a favorite among Natchezians. However, behind the card tables, lights, and beneath the upper-deck of this illustrious boat, lies an existence fueled by competitiveness, greed, and the untouchable notion that invincibility is possible.

For The Golden Parachute Gaming Corporation, which owns a series of casino boats, this belief is real. For general Manager, Sands, and Chief Security Officer, Quinn, this reality is even more solidified because of their status in the community and their ties to organized crime. However, what unfolds is nothing anyone could have expected. Beginning in the cemetery, a series of photos launches Cage into an underworld of crime, dissection, and murder that challenges his capability as mayor, while tightening the tension between his relationship with Caitlin Masters. In a series of unimaginable events and impossible outcomes, this book will leave the reader speeding across the Mississippi River to an uncertainty Cage cannot begin to comprehend.


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