Incorporating Braille with #TextExpander @Smilesoftware

Software Review – Text Expander

The title line leaves little to be shared concerning this great application produced by SmileSoftware. Text Expander is a software program that is meant to improve one’s efficiency when using a computer. This program allows “text snippets” to be created, which when typed “expand” into the desired text associated to the series of letter combinations. Thus, this brief entry will merely highlight Some of the ways I have incorporated Braille and Text Expander Together. For people who are familiar with the Braille alphabet these examples will be common knowledge, but for those unfamiliar with this method of writing for blind individuals, it should prove to be a unique method.

Text Expander and Braille

It is speculated to be common knowledge that most people are familiar with the term “Braille,” which is a method blind individuals use to read and write by using a series of perforated dot combinations. This method of reading and writing is altered Some to accommodate individuals who have a background in science, which is due in large part to the life-long contribution of the late Dr. Abraham Nemeth. Braille is comprised of a six-dot sell that is used to crate the alphabet and other contracted (grade 2) symbols, words, prefixes, and suffixes – for use within the Braille code. Furthermore, Braille uses a numeric system for identifying each dot because its location within the cell is important. This importance is crucial for blind people because a single dot can change a word, serve as a different punctuation mark, or when referring to the sciences, change an equation. Thus, this method of producing readable and writeable content has proven to be an invaluable asset to blind individuals globally. Moreover, where this unique way of reading and writing continues to lend itself to innovative uses is found within Text Expander.

Here are just a few text snippets I use in conjunction with Braille. Please note the letters in quotes refer to the actual letters used when creating a Braille word, and the associated word thereafter is what text expander “expands” into when typing – enjoy.

Text Expanded Braille

“ll” refers to the word little.
“alr” refers to the word already.
“grt” refers to the word great.
“tgr” refers to the word Together.

In addition Some further contracted Braille words include a set of “dot–5” words. These are denoted with the “dot–5” next to a letter.

“Dot–5-m” refers to the word Mother.
“Dot–5-F” refers to Father.
“Dot–5-w” refers to Work.
“Dot–5-u” refers to Under.
“Dot–5-S” refers to Some.

These again are just Some general contracted Braille words I have been able to incorporate into my Text Expander typing Work-flow.

Hope this has been helpful.


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